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Hiperpigmentation and brown spots

General remarks
regarding hiperpigmentation and brown spots

Benign hyperpigmentations are unsightly skin spots that may appear after exposure to the sun, due to ageing, after taking medication or after an inflammatory skin process. They usually occur in exposed areas such as the face and hands, but they can also appear on the torso and limbs.

Thanks to modern Q switched laser technology, these spots can be treated effectively and safely. Our Q-switched laser procedure can remove this type of lesions quickly and painlessly even in just one session.

Result of Q-switched laser therapy sessions

During the session, the photoacoustic effect emitted by the handpiece used on the skin interacts selectively with the pigmentation to be treated. The surrounding skin is not affected and therefore remains intact. For the comfort of the patient during the treatment, the skin is constantly cooled by a device built into the laser handpiece. An anaesthetic cream could also be applied to reduce any discomfort or pain that may sometimes accompany the treatment.
After the treatment, slight reddening and scabbing may develop but they will disappear after a few days.
After the treatment, patients must apply the cream as instructed by the doctor to ensure adequate recovery.
After treatment, exposure to the sun must be avoided for the time indicated by the doctor (usually 1-2 months).
It is advisable to wait at least a couple of months before any finishing sessions are carried out.

Alternative or combined treatments

  • IPL
  • Peels

1 – 3

15/20 minutes

about a week


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Dr. Leonardo Rossati
Doctor Rossati specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. He graduated from Verona University and completed his specialization at the University and in the hospital of the city. Part of his training took place at the University of Bordeaux and Utrecht, and he has worked as a clinician in both Mexico and Brazil. He worked as a plastic surgery consultant for the ULSS 9 Scaligera local health authority, and at the Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Unit in the San Francesco Hospital in Verona. He works with and in a number of non-hospital clinics in the Veneto, Trentino and Lombardy regions, dealing with aesthetic medicine and surgery.