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Reshaping and enhancing
your femininity

Contemporary plastic surgery offers safe, effective and lasting responses to common problems afflicting the breast: from size, that is (or is perceived as) insufficient or excessive, to sagging and lack of tone, as well as aesthetic anomalies caused by malformations or cancer surgery.

Dr. Leonardo Rossati is a specialist in this field, and is able to assist patients, with skill and discretion, evaluating, advising and performing breast enlargement, reduction and uplifts, gynaecomastia and tuberous breast correction or breast reconstruction following cancer surgery (with prostheses or lipofilling).


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Dr. Leonardo Rossati
Doctor Rossati specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. He graduated from Verona University and completed his specialization at the University and in the hospital of the city. Part of his training took place at the University of Bordeaux and Utrecht, and he has worked as a clinician in both Mexico and Brazil. He worked as a plastic surgery consultant for the ULSS 9 Scaligera local health authority, and at the Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Unit in the San Francesco Hospital in Verona. He works with and in a number of non-hospital clinics in the Veneto, Trentino and Lombardy regions, dealing with aesthetic medicine and surgery.