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Hair transplant

General remarks
regarding hair transplant

Hair loss and thinning are very common aesthetic and functional problems which affect men and sometimes also women. The causes may differ, but it is, in any case, a problem not everyone is comfortable with. Today there are many methods to tackle hair loss. Dr. Rossati performs hair transplantation using the microfollicular FUE technique, a solution which currently returns the most natural, definitive result with minimal post-treatment discomfort. Coming from the most advanced studies on the matter, this technique guarantees excellent results and complete satisfaction, allowing patients to rediscover the pleasure of looking at themselves in the mirror.

The FUE technique involves the surgical movement of individual follicles from a donor area (usually the back of the neck) to an area where hair is thinning, usually above the forehead or at the top of the head. If the donor area is not sufficient, the follicles can be taken from other areas of the body, such as the arms, shoulders and chest. This technique can be used not only for the scalp, but also for beards, eyebrows and moustaches.
The advantage of the FUE technique is that it does not cause any scarring in the donor area. The session normally takes place under a local anaesthesia and is therefore completely painless.


It is very important to follow the post-treatment instructions. The donor area will take about a week to heal, with no scarring.
The end result will be evident after about four to six months, with a marked thickening of the hair in the areas treated.

Alternative or combined treatments

  • scalp biorevitalisation cycles



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Dr. Leonardo Rossati
Doctor Rossati specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. He graduated from Verona University and completed his specialization at the University and in the hospital of the city. Part of his training took place at the University of Bordeaux and Utrecht, and he has worked as a clinician in both Mexico and Brazil. He worked as a plastic surgery consultant for the ULSS 9 Scaligera local health authority, and at the Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Unit in the San Francesco Hospital in Verona. He works with and in a number of non-hospital clinics in the Veneto, Trentino and Lombardy regions, dealing with aesthetic medicine and surgery.